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17th October 2015
Message sent by Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)
Cyber Attack

Talk Talk, the phone and broadband provider, has been the victim of a cyber attack on their website commonly referred to as DDoS – distributed denial of service attack. This has led to hackers accessing Talk Talks servers and stealing personal data, which could affect over four million customers. It is currently unknown exactly what data has been stolen but Talk Talk has stated that there is a chance that some of the following data could have been accessed:
Name and addresses
Dates of birth
Email addresses
Telephone numbers
Talk Talk account information
Credit card and banking details
Protect yourself
Be wary of any emails claiming to be from Talk Talk asking for additional information such as passwords even if they are able to tell you specific account details – this could be a phishing email and sent to gain access to your account.
If you have opened an email attachment please ensure you change the passwords for all your bank, email and online shopping accounts.
As well as e-mails be wary of any telephone calls claiming to be from Talk Talk that ask for additional information or want to gain remote access to your computer. Again they may tell you specific details about your account. If you get such a call do not give any details, terminate the call, use a separate telephone line/mobile phone and call Talk Talk back on one of their known numbers to ascertain if the call is genuine.
Monitor your bank accounts for any unusual activity that you believe may be fraudulent.

Pension Scam Alert
News of a new pension scam is highlighted by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB)

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has been alerted to a pension scam whereby cold callers continue to target members of the public aged 50 to 60 years old to release and transfer their pension early. Suspected firms who advertise and arrange pensions are offering investments in alternative commodities such as hotel developments or property in Cape Verde, and operate as unregulated collective investment schemes.
Often, the cold calling 'pension companies' involved are neither regulated nor qualified to give financial advice and classify themselves as a 'trustee', 'consultant' or an 'independent advisor' and offer exceptionally high return rates for investors.
Some victims have signed documents that authorises a limited company to be set up using their personal details, including utilising a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS). Whilst SSAS accounts and limited companies are essential for legitimate schemes, the fact that victims are unaware that this will happen suggests that the scheme may not have been fully explained to them, increasing the likelihood that there may be an element of fraud involved.
Protect yourself from the scammers:
Further advice can be found at:-
Ensure that you request that the risks and growth rates are explained and that you fully understand them before transferring your pension
Check whether the pension arrangement company is registered with the FCA. Registered companies can be checked using the FCA register online at:
Remember that if the offer seems too good to be true, then it generally is
If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online or by telephone 0300 123 2040.

19th October 2015 Force Incident Number: 0150S 191015
Double wooden gates stolen on the roadside bet 12th - 16th - from Upper Hook Road, Upton-Upon-Severn
Persons unknown have lifted off and taken. 6' wide 5' high mahogany colour. £1200. - Hard wood.

12th October 2015

Facewatch for Upton businesses.
Facewatch is a web-based crime-reporting tool. Facewatch enables businesses and police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images within the groups for the prevention of crime and by submitting digital evidence files to the police to help solve crimes.
Facewatch enables businesses to report incidents quickly and share information with other businesses in the local community and with the local police.
Facewatch is available wherever you have an Internet connection. You can sign in with your personal user details and access the system from a browser on your desktop or on compatible mobile devices.
West Mercia can use Facewatch to compare and match subjects of interest images, match associate individuals to incidents, identify gangs, crime patterns and track the progress of on-going investigations.
If you are a business in Upton and would like to join the Facewatch scheme or get some more information, then please contact your local policing team either on the phone, 101 and ask for Upton-upon-Severn or you can e-mail us at:

BURGLARY DWELLING - THEFT/ATT THEFT occurred between Thu 27/08/2015 14:00 and Sat 29/08/2015 14:30. THE BEECHES, UPTON UPON SEVERN Crime No: 22CC/61921E/15 Between times and day stated offender(s) unknown gained access to garden, forced open the kitchen window, access gained over kitchen top, a search has been conducted of the master bedroom on the first floor, emptying draws, and stealing large quantity of gold jewellery only.

0365S 250815 Suspicious incident
At about 03:30 on 24th August at a house in Rectory Road, Upton upon Severn, the occupier heard the sound of someone trying their front door handle and then heard the letterbox being opened. The occupier responded by turning on the interior and exterior house lights; nothing further was heard or seen.

0573S 250815 Suspicious incident.
At 17:45 on 25th August a black Ford Fiesta with a male driver and a female passenger pulled on to the driveway of a house in Tunnel Hill, Upton upon Severn. The householder thought the occupants looked a bit lost and went out to see what they wanted, but as they did so the vehicle sped off without speaking to them. The male was described as being white, in his 40s and having thin greying hair.

Dog walker has seen suspicious character that walks onto a drive and then walks round the back of the property of his neighbours property male then loiters and then walks off.
OIS 0427S 220815

Incident Number: 0511S 090815 CRIME No: 22CC/56607D/15
BURGLARY DWELLING - took place between 12:00:00 on SATURDAY 25-JUL-2015 and 15:00:00 on SUNDAY 09-AUG-2015, HILL VIEW GDNS, UPTON UPON SEVERN, WORCESTER
Between stated dates & times the IP. Their detached bungalow had been left secure but access has been gained via a side gate to the garden. Entry forced via a rear patio door causing damage to a bolt. A tidy search has taken place & items of valuable jewellery/watches taken. Unusually jewellery & watch boxes have been replaced into drawers & wardrobes, drawers closed. The IP discovered the insecure patio door open & ajar when he went into the room.

Incident Number: 0258S 080815 CRIME No: 22CC/56211Y/15
BURGLARY took place between 17:30:00 on FRIDAY 07-AUG-2015 and 10:45:00 on SATURDAY 08-AUG-2015 at HAM VIEW, UPTON UPON SEVERN

between times stated person/s unknown have gone around the rear of the detached brick built house and used an implement unknown to smash a small kitchen window, which they have unlocked and used to gain entry to the property. A thorough and relatively tidy search has been made of all drawers, downstairs and in the bedroom. The scene shows suggestion that jewellery has been taken, offender/s have left by unlocking the kitchen door and then leaving the property.

0319S 080815 08/08/2015 BURGLARY DWELLING - THEFT occurred between Fri 07/08/2015 17:00 and Sat 08/08/2015 12:35.

Between times stated person/s unknown have smashed the double glazed window. Offenders have then entered the property through said window and conducted an untidy search, and then items have been taken. Offenders have then left the property; exit is not known and have secured the property on leaving. Not known what property has been taken though it could be jewellery

At approximately 12:30 on 27 JUL 2015

IP was sat in the living room when a male walked into the kitchen. Moments before this someone had knocked the front door but IP did not answer it. The side door is habitually left unlocked and opened. The male stated he was there to read the meter however he had no form of ID, no paperwork or any meter reading equipment and was carrying a screwdriver. The male was a dark skinned (not black but described him as a coloured) with short dark hair and a dark moustache), in his 30s and wearing a blue t shirt with dark trousers, approx 6ft tall and big build, with a scruffy appearance. IP has challenged and asked him where his ID card and he replied he had left it in the car; IP then told him where the meter was in the shed that joins the utility room. He has opened the electricity box and IP described him as messing about with it, he has said everything is fine; he has closed the box door and left.

Crime No: 22CC/54334H/15 Incident No: <0060S 160715>

Between the times/dates stated it is believed that motorcycle engine parts have been taken from a storage unit. The site the items were taken from is basically an open field with scrap metal all over it and a wooden shed. Crime No: 22CC/54320T/15

BURGLARY OTHER THAN DWELLING - THEFT took place between 09:30:00 on SATURDAY 25-JUL-2015 and 14:15:00 on SATURDAY 01-AUG-2015 at OLD ST, UPTON UPON SEVERN.
Between stated times it appears unknown person/s have gained entry to the rear garden possibly via side access gate or climbing over rear fence which has been damaged and have gained access to insecure garden wooden shed. Property listed has been removed, other items left in situ or left in garden. Exit in an unknown direction by unknown means.

Crime No: 22CC/54283C/15 Incident No: <0275S 010815>

Between times stated, persons unknown have attempted to force the front UPVC window with some sort of jemmy, causing damage to the frame leaving jemmy marks. An unsuccessful attempt was made at the rear of the property. Then they moved to the rear kitchen UPVC window and attempted to jemmy this open in two places again causing damage to the frame and on one section, the pressure has cracked the pane of glass damaging that also. Offenders believed to have egressed via the front driveway.

If you have any further information regarding the above incidents please contact 101 and quote the incident reference number.

31st July

Person(s) unknown has attempted to force front door lock by jemmying it open with an implement. This has failed damaging the lock; they have then removed a window panel from above main door and climbed into the shop. They have made a quick search, opened the till by not using force therefore printing a receipt and removed coins and notes. All believed taken at this time is a clear plastic box with a pink lid from back office cupboard containing receipts from the year, passport and other personal papers, and a quantity of cash.

28th July
VEHICLE CRIME-LILAC CLOSE, UPTON UPON SEVERN Between 2100HRS 27 July & 0530HRS 28 July a vehicle was broke into. Caravan keys and a gate pass card have been stolen from inside the car. Force Incident Number: 0147S 280715

26th July

Crime No 22CC/52018Q/15
This THEFT occurred between Thu 16/07/2015 00:00 and Thu 23/07/2015 19:04.
Between the times stated person(s) unknown have approached the garden area of the location and proceeded to steal a 1ft high garden ornament in the shape of a dragon. Offenders have then made off in an unknown direction.

30th June
Report received: 29-JUN-2015 16:58
IP believes oil has been stolen by unknown means from an outdoor oil tank. The IP expected to see the tank three quarters full and now almost empty. It is not known when this has occurred, a neighbour heard a noise this morning and thought it was the occupier of the dwelling. Two patches of oil are at the front of the tank and spots of oil leading away from it down the road and towards the farm. Please remain vigilant, if you have any further information please contact 101 and quote the below reference number.
Force Incident Number: 0550S 290615

In the past week Cheltenham has suffered a number of distraction thefts in supermarket car parks. This is part of a recent spate that have occurred county wide The ones in Cheltenham have occurred in Sainsbury’s Gallagher, M&S Kingsditch and Tesco Colletts Dr.
The MO is offenders will approach members of the public as they are unloading their shopping into their vehicles. They will then ask for directions to a location. Once they have distracted the Victim a second offender will steal items, in particular debit and cash cards.
Enjoy the sunshine, remain vigilant and stay safe.

3rd June
BURGLARY DWELLING - THEFT/ATT THEFT - NO VIOLENCE took place between 13:30:00 on MONDAY 01-JUN-2015 and 19:30:00 on MONDAY 01-JUN-2015 at HYDEFIELDS, UPTON UPON SEVERN Between above times a burglary occurred. An untidy search of the property was made. The only item confirmed stolen from the property was a kitchen knife with a red handle. Crime No. 22CC/37211W/15

27th May
OIS Ref: 0597S 260515 Approximately 18:25hrs on Tuesday 26th May 2015, a male was riding his push bike between Callow End and Upton upon Severn, when he was overtaken by a white hatchback car. The vehicle was occupied by at least three males, one of whom threw a plastic water bottle at the cyclist, hitting him in the ribs. Description: Small, white hatchback, partial VRM EK11***

14th May
THEFT between 18:00:00 on TUESDAY 21-APR-2015 and 08:30:00 on TUESDAY 12-MAY-2015 at THOMAS MORRIS HOUSE, WILLIAM TENNANT WAY, UPTON UPON SEVERN, WORCESTER was reported on TUESDAY 12-MAY-2015 10:28 Sometime during the last 3 weeks theft of motor cycle spare parts occurred. Person(s) unknown have gone into the rear yard and removed, 2 aluminium wheels, motor cycle frame, front forks and head lamp and handle bars. 22CC/31631F/15 Incident No. 0161S 120515


13th May
OIS: 22CC/31292M/15,
Criminal Damage, Rectory Road, Upton, Worcester. Between 23:30hrs, 10/05/2015 & 00:30, 11/05/2015. Scratched car, black Golf.

11th May

08-MAY-2015 21:09hrs report of fly tipping using a 7 and half tonne lorry yellow and brown cab (VRM unknown at this time). Offenders unknown opened the gates to a field with ponies in then reversed the lorry back to tip a load of rubbish.
Number: 0658S 080515

THEFT occurred between Fri 17/04/2015 18:00 and Sat 18/04/2015 10:00.
The offence location is a dwelling located in a residential/rural area of Upton upon Severn. During unknown times between the evening of 17/04/15 and the morning of 18/04/15 persons unknown have taken 2 x old radiators which were left in the driveway area of the property.


29th April
Burglary-Farm, Castlemorton, Malvern
Report received: 29-APR-2015 08:46

Reports of persons unknown have forced entry through secure doors to farm premises. Quad bikes, a brand new buggy and all sorts of tools have been stolen. Livestock was out let out loose. Offenders drove through a rape seed field making off in the direction of Upton. Extensive damage has been caused. INCIDENT HISTORY: Received: 29-APR-2015
Incident Number: 0078S 290415
If you have any information, please dial 101 quoting above incident number.

Gardens Walk, Upton upon Severn
A cat has been poisoned with Anti freeze, this has been confirmed by the vet.
Incident Number: 0354S 280415

ATTEMPT THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE took place between 00:01:00 on TUESDAY 28-APR-2015 and 05:00:00 on TUESDAY 28-APR-2015, WELLAND RD, WELLAND
This offence was reported on TUESDAY 28-APR-2015 13:08:00
Sometime during the night 28th April, persons unknown have cut a hole in the passenger side of a VW vehicle. It is not thought access was gained in to the vehicle.
22CC/28254K/15 Incident No. 0254S 280415


16th March
Suspicious Circumstances-Minge Lane, Upton upon Severn
Received: 14-APR-2015 22:02:57. Report of two white males acting suspiciously, one wearing a grey hoodie and tracksuit, caller was concerned they were looking at the houses.
Incident Number: 0704S 140415

Suspicious Circumstances -Holdfast Hall, Holdfast, Upton upon Severn
Report Received: 14-APR-2015 01:26 - Of persons poaching. Unknown offenders, possibly 2 and a dog made off in a vehicle in the direction of Tewkesbury. No further details.
Incident Number: 0028S 140415


13th March
Subject: Action Fraud Alert - Ticket Scams
This is a message sent via The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales). This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

Message sent by
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)
Fraudsters regularly offer tickets for music festivals and popular sporting events scheduled for the summer. The tickets are generally offered for sale in the spring time and as the official tickets are sometimes not released until weeks before the event, potential victims don’t realise they have been deceived for some time after parting with their hard earned money. The internet is the most common place where this occurs; on platforms such as bogus websites, online auction sites and via social media.
Protect yourself:
Purchase tickets from an official agent, box office or reputable ticket exchange website.
Be cautions of making advance payments via bank transfer, money transfer or e-money vouchers.
Remember paying by credit card or via PayPal offers the consumer greater protection should you be a victim of fraud.
Conduct some simple online research on the seller or website if you are considering making a purchase. Negative feedback can appear very quickly if something is not quite right.
If the ticket price is below market value and the tickets are in high demand consider whether this is too good to be true.


26th March
Theft-Household Waste Site, Hanley Road Between 1800hrs 22nd March & 0800hrs 25th March -A quantity of used car batteries been stolen. Number: 0049s 250315

20th March
This offence was reported on Wednesday 18-MAR-2015 14:09:00
Person(s) unknown have broken into a dwelling property. The padlock on the front gate has been broken and there is damage to the drive. No further details.
Crime No. 22CC/17539N/15

THEFT took place between 12:00:00 on TUESDAY 17-FEB-2015 and 12:00:00 on MONDAY 16-MAR-2015 at, HANLEY CASTLE, WORCESTER
This offence was reported on Wednesday 18-MAR-2015 10:24:00
Between times stated, offender(s) unknown have approached IP's outdoor fuel tank which is used to store oil and is situated to the front of the property. They have removed the fuel cap and have then siphoned approximately 750 litres of oil from within.
Crime No. 22CC/17486F/15

This offence was reported on TUESDAY 17-MAR-2015 03:00:00
Police attended Hill View Gardens due to reports from another resident that there was suspicious activity by an unknown person. Whilst conducting enquiries officers saw there were insecure doors on a Renault van. The driver of that vehicle was located nearby and confirmed that the vehicle was left insecure however at 03:00 they heard something outside their address. Despite the vehicle being insecure information that the sliding door was very difficult to open. It is alleged that between stated times unknown offender/s used unknown implement to try and force the door open. No entry gained via that door and believed at this stage nothing has been stolen.

Incident No. OIS Ref: 0038S 170315

took place between 09:00:00 on SATURDAY 14-MAR-2015 and 14:30:00 on SATURDAY 14-MAR-2015 at CASTLEMORTON COMMON
This offence was reported on SATURDAY 14-MAR-2015 15:15:00 MO
Victim's vehicle a Silver Ford B Max parked securely and unattended in a public car park. Between times stated person(s) used means/instrument and gained entry to the vehicle by smashing the rear passenger side quarter light. Victim's handbag has been removed from the vehicle.
Incident No. 0418S 140315


There is a new SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) website due to be launched shortly and the SNT teams are busy working on it. The website will contain crime prevention advice regarding how to keep safe your home/vehicle/cycles etc.
Upton SNT will be involved in a number of Events and Operations through out the year in Upton and in Malvern.

Fun Run
10k Fun Run, Sunday 22nd March 2015, starting from Pendock Primary School at 11:30am

Dementia Friends 1 hour sessions at the Malvern Theatre, delivered by the Upton SNT, Thursday 26th March 2015.
Any one can come along, however please ensure you book for a session. Call 101 and ask to be connected to the Upton SNT or alternatively leave a message on our voice male and we will return your call. There will be three sessions of general information sharing regarding dementia.
The time of the sessions are:
* First session:11:00
* Second session: 13:00
* Third session:15:00

19th March
Phone Scam Fraudsters Tell Victims To Transfer Money To Bank Accounts
Police are urging people in Worcester to continue to be vigilant, following a further spate of phone scams.
In recent weeks, West Mercia Police have run awareness campaigns encouraging people to be aware of a courier fraud scam, in which scammers call landlines to pretend that they are from police, stating that the cards have been used fraudulently. They will then ask their victims to call their bank to cancel their cards, but will in fact remain on the line in order to obtain bank details.
In the past the offenders have been known to send couriers out to collect bank cards, but recently the scammers have asked victims to transfer the money to a ‘secure police account’.
Five incidents were reported in Worcester over the past two days, including one occasion where an elderly lady was pressured into transferring £9000 to a bank account. The scammers had convinced her to transfer the money by stating it would assist with the investigation. They also told her, not to tell the bank about the call, and if asked to state that they money was to buy a car.
Fortunately on the other occasions the victims did not transfer any money.
Superintendent Kevin Purcell said “Please remember that this is a scam and police will never ask you to transfer money to a bank account. If you receive a call like this, hang up immediately and call 101 using another phone. In an emergency or if a crime is in progress call 999.
Please make sure that your friends and family are aware, particularly those who may be elderly or vulnerable. The more people we can make aware of this scam, the less chance they have of being targeted by these criminals.”
Issued: 2.30pm, Thursday 19th March 2015

9th March
High Green, Severn Stoke
Between 19:30 on Thursday 26th February and 12:00 on Friday 27th, thieves cut the clasp from a clasp and staple lock securing the door of a freestanding garage located to the rear of a house in High Green, Severn Stoke. The offenders stole power tools from inside. (No further details at this time). Nothing was seen or heard, no CCTV. OIS Ref:0289S 270215 22CC/12874T/15

3rd March


A large detached property in a rural location in the area of RIPPLE. Between the times stated the offender has gained access to the property by an unknown means, no damage has been caused and there are no obvious signs of forced entry. The offender has conducted a tidy search of cupboards in the living area and office as well as the bedrooms. It would appear a small amount of cash has been stolen and jewellery items. Incident No: 0496S 280215


23rd February
Message sent by Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)
Fraudsters are targeting people by 'cold calling' them on the telephone.
The scam starts with the following simple activity:

1. They will state that they are from the Bank Fraud department, the Police or other Law Enforcement.
2. They will tell the victim that fraud is being carried out on the victim’s bank account and that to prevent it they need to carry out any of the below activities:-

Need to access your bank accounts online.
Need to hand over your pin numbers and bank cards to a courier/official sent to collect them.
Need to hand over money to A courier/ official sent to collect them.
Need to transfer your money to another 'safe' bank account(s) which they provide details of.

3. In order to prove their own credentials they will often ask you to telephone the 'fraud' number you may have on the back of your bank card, or they may even ask you to telephone the Police to check that there is an official investigation, or telephone your own bank once the phone call to them is terminated.

Do not be fooled!

Do not telephone anyone at that stage as the phone line remains open and you are simply telephoning them back without realising. They will then continue with your assistance in stealing your money by any of the above methods.

The bank or the police will never telephone you 'out of the blue' to ask you to transfer money into another account or hand over any of your money or bank cards. It is your money!!
The bank or the police will never ask for your personal bank account details, or pin numbers over the phone.
If you really want to check the credentials of a caller then go into your bank and ask to speak to the bank manager or use another phone to call the bank or police.
If you are still unsure then attend a police station.
Never discuss your banking details with strangers who call you!

THEFT- between10:50-11:20 18-FEB-2015 Farm Premises, Welland Rd, Upton upon Severn, Worcester. This offence was reported on Wednesday 18-FEB-2015 11:25:00
During the times stated, IP was working at the premises and had been using a hedge trimmer and had placed it in the bushes half way down the driveway. IP was at the bottom of the driveway speaking with the tree surgeon on the premises when a white transit Connect van drove down the drive. On board the van were young looking males, with dark hair, they asked if there was any scrap metal. The IP said that there wasn't any on site and they proceeded to drive away. The IP realised that his hedge trimmer was up the driveway and ran up to check it was still there but it had been stolen and the van had gone.
11157B/15 Incident No: 0192S 180215

19th February
The below message has been shared with you on behalf of David Hurst NW Coordinator Wychavon for your information.
18th February, an email was received purporting to be from 'HMRC Tax Credit Office, Preston' asking me to download an attached form to reclaim tax supposedly owed to me to an amount of several thousand pounds. The form was to be submitted and a waiting time of a week to 10 days was to be allowed for 'processing'.
Knowing that I am due no such reclaim, I was suspicious and also noted a few small spelling mistakes in the email.
This was clearly a 'Phishing' attempt and I have therefore reported it to *Action Fraud* and forwarded the email to the appropriate site before deleting the message and the attachment.
Please be aware of this Phishing scam and on no account open the attachment or comply with the instructions.

Fly tipping Over the weekend an incident of fly tipping on Old Road Tunnel Hill Upton upon Severn has been discovered. Lots of half full gallon paint tins and a half a can of engine oil. OIS Ref: 0172S 170215

16th February
Theft (Non Dwelling) - Upton Household Waste Site, Hanley Rd, Upton upon Severn.
Between 18:00hrs 11th Feb & 08:00hrs 14-Feb 2015-Person reporting believes that unknown offender(s) have driven onto the car park and then climbed over the fencing and stolen batteries located in an open container by the fencing. No persons seen or heard. Crime No. 22CC/9782G/15 Incident No. 0141S 140215

9th February
Criminal Damage -Blackmore Park, Hanley Swan

Sometime during the last week an 'Abbey Aventura' caravan was damaged whilst being in storage. The jockey wheel has been buckled and damage to the rear side. The caravan was in a plot and was pulled forward some 30ft.
Force Incident Number: 0172S 090215

Attempted Burglary Dwelling - CourtLea, Upton upon Severn
Between 10:00:00 on SATURDAY 07-FEB-2015 and 12:30:00 on SUNDAY 08-FEB-2015. This offence was reported on SUNDAY 08-FEB-2015 13:20:00
Person(s) unknown have attempted to gain entry at the rear of the premises. Access could have been gained along the right side of the property where there are bushes or from the back field. Person(s) unknown have opened the rear porch door which appeared not to be secure but have not been able to open the rear sliding doors. Attempts have then been made to force the UPVC doubled glazed rear corner bedroom window. Several tool marks to the frame, bottom edge of the window forced out approximately 1.5 inches. The locking points at the top and middle held firmly, preventing entry. Outer glass was smashed but inner pane remained intact. Picture frames on window sill still in position. The barrel of the rear door lock also appeared to be damage but no entry gained.
22CC/8427J/15 Incident No. 0312S 080215

Subject: Pension Changes are coming in April 2015; avoid the fraudulent investment risks
This is a message sent via The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales).
This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

HMRC have advised that from April 2015, people over the age of 55 will be given the flexibility of taking a number of smaller lump sum pension pots. 25% of the sum will be tax-free, with the remaining pension fund charged at marginal rate of income tax.

If you take out money from your pension fund before the age of 55, the normal tax rules apply.

We are concerned that fraudsters will take advantage of these rule changes by offering to invest pensions on the victim’s behalf. Be very wary of such offers.
Avoid losing your hard-earned cash:
* Do not invest with companies which cold call you, offering extremely high returns. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
* Seek financial advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, who work alongside the Treasury delivering the 'Pension Wise' service. Further information can be found here.
* If you wish to invest your savings in a company, please ensure you seek advice from an FCA registered and authorised advisor.
* Be aware of callers offering a free pension review service by phone call, email and text message and do not invest in unregulated markets such as overseas property developments, storage units or forestry.

5th February
Burglary Non Dwelling

Occurred 00:52:00 On WEDNESDAY 04-FEB-2015 At 15, CO OPERATIVE RETAIL SERVICES LTD, OLD ST, UPTON UPON SEVERN The location is a shop on Old Street. At material times the front door has been forced open and then entered the shop and forced open the shutter to cigarette cabinet and taken unknown quantity of cigarettes and tobacco products. Crime No. 22CC/7320F/15 Incident No. 0009S 040215 Linked Crimes: 22CC/7319E/15

A Flag ship event will be held on 21/02/15 in Upton between 10am and 3pm opposite the Star Public House, present will be the SNT teams with the mobile police van to give advice and answer any questions to anybody passing by.

In Upton at Hill View Gardens police were conducting an Operation from the mobile police van and also house to house enquiries in the area also giving away smart water packs for £3.00 a pack.

3rd February
Vehicle Crime- Talbot Hotel High Street, Upton upon Severn

Van parked on the car park of above has been broken into and items stolen. Entry gained through the side door, door has been forced open. Items stolen: Jack Nicholas Golf Clubs In Bag Golf Trolley, Nike Tiger Woods Golf Shoes, Black Tool Bag Of Non-Electric Tools, Makita Chopsaw, Bosch 36v Sds Drill, Makita Twinset (Impacter Drill And 18v Drill, Bosch Trimsaw Circular Saw. No Serial Numbers For The Above. 6 Buckets Also Stolen. Incident Number: 0090S 030215

2nd February
Burglary dwelling-Ryall
A burglary took place between 15:45hrs Friday 30th and 11:00hrs Sat 31st Jan at a property in Hill View Gardens, Ryall. Person(s) unknown have used a lock stabber to break a lock of a double glazed kitchen window. At this time the only obvious item stolen is a television.
Crime Ref. 22CC/6541J/15. Incident OIS 0264S310115.

30th January
Gilberts End, Hanley Swan

A male, early 20's, short dark brown hair, no glasses, clean shaven, slight build, tall, wearing a dark blue or black fleece was seen carrying a padlock and chain looking round a field where there were some horses. When approached the male said he was looking for his mate’s spanner.
For any further details please contact below.
PCSO 6208 Sally McPherson, Safer Neighbourhood Team, School Lane, Upton-Upon-Severn
Tel: 101 Ext: 66609 (Not to report an incident)
SNT E-mail:
Twitter: @MalvernCops

29th January
Subject: Avoid falling victim of being an online auction seller or administrator
This is a message sent via The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales). This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)
Fraudsters are targeting people to list items on their behalf on popular online auction sites. The scam involves a job offer to sell desirable items at below market value and receive money from any potential buyers. The ‘work from home’ job will usually require retaining 10% of the money received as a “salary” and fraudsters will ask that the remaining funds are sent to them via bank transfer or money transfer.
In these cases the proposed items being sold do not exist and are therefore not dispatched to the proposed buyers. This will usually result in the buyer making a complaint concerning the individual who has listed the items. This can result in your bank account being closed by the bank for suspected fraud or money laundering and being held accountable for reimbursing the potential buyers.
Protect yourself:
* Do not list items on online auction sites on behalf of others you do not know or trust.
* Be vigilant of ‘work from home’ jobs which involve passing funds through your bank account.
* Meet face to face with any potential employer
* Question job offers which seem “too good to be true”.
If you believe you have become the victim of a fraud or cyber crime, or have received a suspicious email, find out how to report it click on the following link:

28th January
Beware - new Facebook tag-jacking scam! Be wary of messages that ask you to check out a video you've been tagged in

Police Continue To Warn Public Of Telephone Scam
West Mercia Police have issued another urgent appeal to beware of fraud involving bogus callers after an increase of incidents reported in the Albrighton area. Link to West Mercia advice

As you are probably aware we have specific questions to answer and deliver to you if we can so here we go….
There are no key crimes that have come in the last 24hrs.
Suspicious Incidents
Regarding suspicious incidents there has only been 1 which was a week ago now regarding a scrap merchant however turns out it is all in order and no criminal activity.
Key Crimes
There are no key crimes that have come in the last 24hrs.
ASB (Anti Social Behaviour)
Nothing over night.
Good news wise – A new NHW
A neighbourhood watch is on its way hopefully to be started up in the Old Orchard area, Upton, SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) are helping a local resident to get restarted with this.
Security Advice
Safety security advice - Please remember to check all your windows are closed tight, big and small when leaving your home locking your doors secure. Day or night this is so important; do not give opportunists any chances at all.
Meetings or Events - it’s a little too soon for these just yet.


27th January

Lorry Loaded With Scrap Seen In Rectory Road, Upton- White - Small Truck With Sides On. No VRM for It.
Incident No: 0417S 250115

Foot patrols are being carried out in Upton so feel free to come and chat to us.

The next surgery will be on the 11th February in Upton Library from 15:30hrs to 16:30hrs.

Venue is a listed building located in the Town centre. At about the time stated person(s) have thrown a beer glass toward the IP's house causing the downstairs frosted bathroom window to smash. The IPs boyfriend, on hearing the sound of breaking glass has gone outside to look and seen the offenders running off. He pursued but they were too quick for him. The offender was amongst a group of lads aged between 15 and 18 years old. There was no evidence of this being anything other than criminal damage associated with anti-social behaviour, there being no attempt to gain access to the property.
Crime No: 22CC/5179D/15 Incident No: 0690S 240115


Criminal Damage- Court St
24th Jan a window was broken 3-5 youths, one wearing a dark hood were seen running away.
OIS Force Incident Number: 0690S 240115

Scam Alert January 2015.
Phone call
It would appear that the scammers are out and about early as West Mercia Police have received two reports of scams in the Force area.
The first one involved calling a person stating they were from the Ministry of Justice claiming that there is a substantial cheque waiting for you but first you have to obtain some money which will be collected by a courier after you have confirmed that you have the cash, about £280.
The caller is a very convincing person with an English name and an Asian accent.
If in doubt please contact the Police Control Room on 101 as this potential victim wisely did.
The second scam involves Natwest mentioning that it has upgraded its Security machinery. It invites the person to log in to find out more. Please do not do this.

Theft between 18:00:00 on SUNDAY 18-JAN-2015 and 07:45:00 on WEDNESDAY 21-JAN-2015 at UPTON HOUSEHOLD WASTE SITE, HANLEY RD, UPTON UPON SEVERN.
During the times stated, the household waste site had a large number - approx 20, used car batteries on their site. The yard was locked up from closing on Sunday afternoon and re-opened again 21st Jan 0745hrs and as the informant walked around the yard noticed that the batteries that were there on Sunday were no longer there.
Crime No: 22CC/4208Y/15 Incident No: 0083S 210115